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{We have been with Children's Playhouse Whitman location for a very long time. The staff is wonderful. Ms. Damaris is amazing at what she does and honestly I highly recommend parents to check them out. She communicates with families every week on updates with the school, COVID, etc. Especially when we were shut down, you still heard from her! My daughter loves the staff and school so much that she will definitely be heartbroken once she goes to in-person learning. We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done not just for the families, but for the community as well.{
Ashley Khuu
{We started whitman location in September 2019 when our daughter was 6 months old. This was our first experience with daycare. We were nervous and scared but the staff immediately calmed our nerves. Catherine had the most wonderful teachers. They cared for as if she was their own. Catherine developed a strong bond with each of her teachers that she still holds to this day. As a family we feel very comfortable with all the staff knowing that she is well cared for. Catherine also really enjoys attending daycare and strives in a structure environment. The staff has become more like family and I am so thankful that we found this wonderful, loving environment for our daughter.{
Nora DeVine
{Children's Playhouse has been a great place for my son for preschool! He started when he was three and he did really well with his teachers and classmates. I was a little worried because that was the first time he was in a class setting with other kids and teachers (he was home before that), but he really grew a lot. Damaris, the owner, is amazing and she tirelessly works every day to keep the kids safe and happy, and to ensure curriculum is being followed. I can say the same for all the teachers he has had! He started in 2019 and in person classes stopped in March 2020, but he is enrolled in the all virtual class for this past school year. His teachers are flexible and understanding and Luke has learned a ton! I'm confident that he'll do well and kindergarten because of all he has learned at Children's Playhouse.{
Jennifer Wilcox