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Toddler Program 
(12months-35 months)

At CPH, we believe that the basis of every child’s learning and development takes place through positive relationships where responsive teachers engage with children individually, and in small and large groups. They provide opportunities for the children to work and play together.

In our healthy and safe learning environment, children have ample opportunities to engage in a variety of age appropriate hands-on activities that build onto their prior knowledge and skills. These activities meet the children where they are, stimulate and challenge them, and embrace social and cultural diversity.

Through a consistent but flexible schedule, there is a balance between teacher-led and child-initiated activities. These opportunities create a pathway to scaffold each child’s learning. Lesson plans are designed based on our knowledge of current research in child development and best practices with children. They are aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards ensuring consistent and linked learning.
"If a child can not learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way that the child can learn"~Unknown

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